Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bohemian Radioactivity

To the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen

Corpses came to life
From radioactivity
Rifle at my side
Those zombies sure are hungry

Don't wanna die?
Look out for dead guys, and flee

They are cadavers, how can they follow me?
They keep shambling, oh no!
Shooting high, shooting low

Tell me why the corpse glows, will this radiation harm me?
Harm me…

Captain, they've killed my men
Can't fight what's already dead
Opened fire, then we fled
Captain, I emptied my gun
But they kept advancing on us anyway

Sergeant, oooooh
In the chopper we will fly
If we can find survivors filled with sorrow
Rescue them, rescue them, for those are your standing orders

Oh great, my leg is numb
Got bitten in the line
of duty, now it is my time
Shoot me in the head please, don't want to know
What it's like to hunger for you after death

Captain, oooooh (tell me why the corpse glows)
If I gotta die
My last wish is to not want to eat you all

[musical break]

I'd like a little sorbetto made of brain
amuse-bouche, amuse-bouche, he will peel you like a mango
My hunger is igniting, your flesh is now exciting me
George Romero, George Romero
George Romero, George Romero
George Romero, io sono deceduto-oh-ooh-ooh
I'm just a zombie, I am so hungry
He's just a zombie, and former military
Spare him your brains, for he finds them tasty!

See me run, I'm not slow, I do not move slow
Blasphemy! No! Zombies must move slow (he's not slow)
Blasphemy! Zombies must move slow (he's not slow)
Blasphemy! Zombies must move slow (he's not slow)
Zombies must move slow (he's not slow)
Zombies must move slow (oh no, oh no, I don't move slow)
Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, sloooow
Oh Zack Snyder, Oh Zack Snyder, why don't your zombies move slow?
Maximillian Brooks wrote a novel titled World War Z, War Z, War Z

So you think you can shoot me right between my eyes?
When I got bit you left me to revivify!
Heeeere's Johnny, can't do that to this zombie
Just want one bite, just want one bite outta you


My flesh is in tatters
Because I'm a zombie
My flesh is in tatters, and I'm always so hungry

Tell me why the corpse glows…

The original by Queen, hopefully Freddie Mercury won't rise up and track me down for this…